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Join my Free Email Course for Technology Teachers

Join my Free Email Course for Technology Teachers
FREE EMAIL COURSE for Technology Teachers

Tech Lesson Plans

Tech Lesson Plans
Technology Lesson Plans

Brittany's Favorites

Brittany's Favorites
Brittany's Favorites


How could requesting the children to use these emojis will make them think more creatively and help in their brainstorming?
      Everyone knows about the Emoji Keyboard, which is basically a set of images and emoticons which you can add to email, tweets, messages and notes or whatever you type. We use them constantly in communication now as a way to show emotion. 

Whenever students are asked to complete a piece of writing on their iPads, there are always some students who use the Emoji keyboard to add a little creativity to their work, whether I ask or not. For some reason, the children just love using it and to be fair, people also do enjoy adding them to a text or message as they seem to add extra character to a message as well as humor. So I had a thought - how could I use this in a classroom using devices other than an iPhone or an iPad? How could requesting the children to use these emojis will make them think more creatively and help in their brainstorming? If you don't have an emoji keyboard, following are the steps to set it up:
1.     Go to Google Chrome Store on your device
2.    Search Emoji
3.     Install the add ons
4.    Now you are able to see Emoji on a windows device as well
How could requesting the children to use these emojis will make them think more creatively and help in their brainstorming?


Students can utilize a Google Doc to write a summary of the days’ reading and that too using just emojis.  First, students have to write the title of the book, after that they put in 5-10 emojis that best cover up the events in the story they read that day.  This would also work for lessons about looking for the central idea and theme!
Let the students design an emoji using the drawing tools in Google docs or Google Draw.  In this article, read about the origin of emojis with your students too. The students will love designing their own emojis and then writing a detailed paragraph about them.
Boost up the skills of students by using exit tickets with emojis for students to select in addition to telling what they learned. This emoji quick check allows the teacher to get a sense for how confident and assertive his/her students are with the material they just presented and also helps students reflect on their own understanding.
Students can utilize the emojis to help them make extrapolations about how characters feel in a story.  The anchor chart is displayed in the guided reading area to generate discussion during groups. The emojis are selected to define how a character feels in the text at any given moment. The emojis are included with information right in the text.
5.   REWRITE FIRST AND/OR LAST LINES OF NOVELS WITH EMOJI:      The students can also use emojis to best repeat first and/or last lines of novels.  Students can also rewrite mentor sentences using emojis. I usually instruct students to write or type out the sentence in words first, and then go back and see what words they can replace with emojis. 
Make your students take a selfie and emoji-ize it. The teachers first find synonyms for common descriptor words like mad, sad, happy, and nervous using a free app and then enjoy the emoji selfie.

How could requesting the children to use these emojis will make them think more creatively and help in their brainstorming?

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Brittany Washburn
Technology Standards Display or Bulletin Board

Technology Standards Display or Bulletin Board

Start your year off right with this bulletin board or display. All of the ISTE® Standards on stylish yet academic posters, with letters to use as a heading. Just print and set up!
On March 7, 2018Shannon O. answered:
Thank you for the time and effort you have put into creating this bulletin board set. It is a wonderful addition to my computer lab.
On February 27, 2018Leslie Faett (TpT Seller) answered:
This was awesome to make a public bulletin board for when the district muckety mucks stopped by!

On February 22, 2018Lolley's Lit Lounge (TpT Seller) answered:
Easy, quick bulletin board for our tech department
On February 14, 2018Buyer answered:
Simple, ready to go bulletin board!
On February 7, 2018SUSAN P. answered:
Brittany- where do you get such brilliant ideas- always clear, positive, student centred and absolutely unique! Brittany's beauties!!
On January 26, 2018frances H. answered:
Love this!! Thanks for making my class look bright and colourful!
On January 22, 2018Buyer answered:
Loved the colors. Perfect addition to my classroom!
On January 15, 2018Ginger L. answered:
Love this! Looks great in my classroom. Exactly what I was looking for.
On January 8, 2018The Education Warren (TpT Seller) answered:
LOVE this set! I have this on my bulletin board. Administration loves how my students use it with our "I can" statements in the class.
On January 8, 2018Clem G. answered:
These are awesome!! Using them in our STEM camps!
On December 29, 2017Logged-In With Lesa (TpT Seller) answered:
Love the bright colors and clean design. Thanks for including two different wordings as well!
On November 18, 2017Warren T. answered:
This is great! Looks fantastic on my Mac Lab wall. It's a great way for parents and visitors to understand the purpose of my teaching.
On November 16, 2017Randi Solomon (TpT Seller) answered:
I used this fantastic bulletin board set for my first bulletin board of the year. It was bright, cheerful and informative. Easy to direct children's attention to to highlight which standard I was accessing for a particular lesson. Thank you!
On October 30, 2017Paula Frank (TpT Seller) answered:
This is a great ISTE student standards bulletin board idea. I laminated immediately and built my board.
On October 9, 2017Erin Wohlschlegel (TpT Seller) answered:
This is awesome, I am printing the posters out at Staples and laminating them. Also amazing is the work in progress Scope and Sequence Google Sheet, and the invitation to a great facebook group of technology teachers.
On September 14, 2017Lori L. answered:
Thank you for the two text options. Students love "I will" and "I can" statements, and the wording is so K-5 friendly. Well done!

On September 14, 2017Amber M. answered:
Makes a great display! Thank you for making my life a little easier!! : )
On September 11, 2017Terry P. answered:
I have received several compliments on my bulletin board..These posters have made it so easy for parents to understand exactly what I'm teaching in the lab Thank you
On September 5, 2017Buyer answered:
Great display for technology. It's difficult to find good quality displays for IT and this was perfect. I like how you have provided a student version as well. Great resource!
On September 4, 2017Buyer answered:
This looks great hanging in my classroom and is a good reminder to me of the different learning roles my students have as digital learners. Thank you!
On August 29, 2017Buyer answered:
Thank you for offering 2 versions of the posters. I can scaffold with my kids.
On August 29, 2017Kimberly G. answered:
Thanks for creating these colorful posters. They look great in the entrance way to my computer lab.
On August 27, 2017Diane K. answered:
Directions were easy to follow so I could tailor this display to what I needed at our school. Love the colors and artistic presentation!
On August 26, 2017Buyer answered:
The bright colors look great in my room!
On August 24, 2017Buyer answered:
A true time saver. Anything from Brittany is money well spent!
On August 22, 2017Susan C. answered:
Simple and colorful bulletin board for any technology classroom. Just print and display!

Who is this for?

Any teacher who uses the ISTE® standards and wants to display them for students to see (and to have a super colorful and cute bulletin board)

What is included?

• All 7 ISTE® Standards for Students represented in Poster format

• 2 wording options on the posters so you can choose which you want to display

• Both black and white and color letters that spell out "I am a digital learner" or "we are digital age learners" to use as a header for the display.

This set is designed to meet the needs of grades K-8. The colors are timeless and bright so you can use them with any grade level and they will be perfectly appropriate.

Why you need this in your life:

With all of the current style trends out there, why not go with a colorful classic that is sure to be in style for years? It will save you time and money down the road when you don't have to redecorate your classroom just because a color or trend went out of style. Print and laminate once and you're good to go! 

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Brittany Washburn
The Pros and Cons of Using Digital Portfolios for Student Work

The Pros and Cons of Using Digital Portfolios for Student Work

4. Some portfolio builders may spend more time to fashioning the "look" of their portfolio than highlighting the substance of the academic learning.
The Pros and Cons of Using Digital Portfolios for Student Work
Digital portfolios are hypermedia documents, consisting of a set of screens or "pages," according to the software applied. Digital portfolios are used for demonstrating the skills and knowledge of the students and exhibiting the vision of the individual schools. They help the students to know about the quality that would be expected from them. Digital portfolios are ideal for assessing a student’s individually, by the school committee and deciding whether he or she possesses the necessary qualities. A close look at all the systems, including the curriculum, scheduling, administration, and pedagogy is required, to evaluate the students, properly.

Instead of judging the students through abstract test results, these portfolios help in the true assessment of performance, by recording their interests and accomplishments in art. Digital portfolios usually begin with the student's identity, discussing the various achievements of the student, including photographs and videos. It is actually a computerized process of saving the work of the student, allowing the viewer to go through the entire portfolio. A digital portfolio makes it very easy to view the work, as many times as desired. The displayed instructions guide the users in navigating through the different sections of the portfolio.

Pros of using Digital Portfolios for student work
1. Digital portfolios expand on the collection of techniques available to students and educators to demonstrate learning. Pictures, videos, and audio recordings are added to the typical paper and pencil tasks students complete.
2. Struggling students (i.e., writing, reading) are given alternative modes of expression and means to demonstrate learning. This can lead to increases in self-confidence and achievement.
3. Increased accessibility. Parents no longer need to find time to visit the classroom to see a collection of their children’s work, and educators no longer need to chase after students to return their paper portfolios to class.
4. Development of 21st-century skills. One of the seven survival skills of the 21st century focuses on effective oral and written communication. Digital portfolios can help engage students in practicing these crucial abilities.
5. Digital portfolios allow students to track and demonstrate their growth over longer periods of time. While paper portfolios get stored or discarded at the end of a term or school year, digital portfolios can remain available and easily accessible to students, parents, and educators.
Cons of using Digital Portfolios for student work
1. Digital portfolios require students to know or learn how to use computers, cameras, scanners, photo and illustrating software, and other tools. Though mastering these tools is a positive learning experience, it requires class time on a regular basis.
2. Students may also need teacher support in building a portfolio template, determining what to include in it, and deciding how to describe it.
3. Also, not everyone in the hoped-for audience of parents, families, other teachers, and peers will view each student's digital portfolio. Students may be disappointed when they do not get feedback from readers.
4. Some portfolio builders may spend more time to fashioning the "look" of their portfolio than highlighting the substance of the academic learning.
Bottom Line
Students are growing up tech-savvy. They have a fantastic ability to play with technology and figure out how to use it to their advantage and to meet their needs. The goal of a digital portfolio is to hand over the reins to the students and allow them to become responsible for demonstrating their learning and reflection.

4. Some portfolio builders may spend more time to fashioning the "look" of their portfolio than highlighting the substance of the academic learning.

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Brittany Washburn
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