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Engaging 5th Grade Science Review That Will Save you Time

As the school year is winding down, test prep is winding up! I've been racking my brain thinking of the most efficient way to get my 5th grade students ready for their science state test. A good chunk of my students joined after the beginning of the school year so I have no real way of knowing what they learned prior to coming to me. This, to me, means that I need to review everything in a substantial way. It needs to be an engaging review of each unit and should include just enough information to not overwhelm them... see the dilemma?

So I sat down and started writing out the most important things in each unit. This is what I came up with:
I cross compared my list to the percentage breakdown given by the state and I was pleased. If I can make sure my students have a good handle on the things on my list, they will be successful on the test.

Of course we need more than just vocabulary. I want them to take notes, I want them to watch videos. I want to reach as many types of learners as I can and go at their pace (the constant struggle of a teacher, I know).

I am a paperless classroom with 1:1 technology, so my method would certainly involve tech. This is the first activity I made, for Ecosystems.

It is a little hard to see in the picture so I will explain how I included everything. I started with a box of "most important things." I color coded the vocabulary words. Then, to help them understand the topic thoroughly, I linked to 6 online interactive videos, games, activities, etc. Students can move through these interactives at their own pace. I expect my students to take notes and add to their "most important things." Then, the big vocabulary. I stopped myself at 6 terms per unit. It was difficult to choose 6 because there are dozens and of course they are all important. These are click and drag, so the students match up the term to the definition. Finally, an essential question to answer. Students type the response right on the screen. One unit done.

I continued like this for all 4 of the major North Carolina Science units for the year, but made sure to include information from all of the categories on the NC Science EOG.

My hope is that students will be engaged and interested in these activities (and learn without even realizing it). Would you link to use this resource, too? Click here to download it.

I've also started working on vocabulary pages, like this one:
I plan to use these for homework next school year. Each "week" has 3 vocabulary words, which means 4 nights of homework. We might do the definitions in class on Monday and then they only have 3 nights, but I'm not sure yet. What terms would you include in this?

Thanks for reading!

Brittany Washburn
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Teacher Appreciation

Teachers, let's appreciate each other for the hard work and dedication that is required to be a great teacher. This week I aim to make your life easier by offering resources to save you time and effort. Let me tell you about my top three wish listed resources in my TpT store. These three resources are what I like to call the "Technology Teacher Package" because they set up any tech teacher with everything needed to teach and assess the standards for students in grades K-5. 
Brittany Washburn's 3 top wish listed resources are on sale!
Let me help you clear your wish lists. You will be so glad you did!

Brittany Washburn's Top Wish Listed Resource is on SALE!
 When I was working as a technology teacher a few years ago, I discovered that there were no sets of I Can Statements available for the technology standards like there were for the grade level subject areas. My administration required that we post the objectives on the board for each class, so I got to work creating I Can Statements for my K-5 technology classes. I compiled them all and now offer them for sale in my TpT Store.

 The file includes over 100 I Can Statements in two formats. Half-page and full page. Here are two examples of the full page statements for the 3-5th grade students.

Brittany Washburn's second most wish listed resource on sale!
 My second most wish listed resource is Technology Essential Questions Posters. For each Technology standard, I created an essential question. These are great to use for project based learning, STEM, Genius Hour, or for any content area to bring in 21st century learning.
Here is an example of a poster from the set. I would use this in any subject area and with any grade level (even college). In fact, I think my Assistant Principal has brought up this very question with our staff from time to time. Display these posters in your classroom and refer to them to help your students develop their information literacy. 
Brittany Washburn's third most wish listed item on sale
My technology teacher planning and data binder is my favorite resource that I have ever created. I am so proud every time someone buys this resource because I know it will change his/her life- for the better! Everyone else has a teacher binder, so why not one for technology teachers? Everything you need from checklists to planning pages to student reflection sheets is available for each technology standard grades K-5. 

 In fact, I've created an email course to describe how I plan my technology lessons. There are 5 parts to it and if you would like to sign up, you can do so here. (It is completely free and you get a free planning page just for signing up).

Thank you to Teaching in the Tongass for coordinating this incredible collection of resources.
Brittany Washburn
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[name=Brittany] [img=] [description=Hi, I'm Brittany. I'm an educator obsessed with teaching with technology. I love creating and sharing teaching resources for technology teachers, media specialists, and technology facilitators. Thanks for checking out my site!]

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